The pandemic has constrained into our homes as well as shut the whole urban areas just as the country. Where on one hand we are attempting to get our preferred food things, this man in India figured out how to get a lady of the hour. The story is significantly more silly. It has a place with Uttar Pradesh, India where a mother sent his child to get a few staple goods. The man in the midst of lockdown went to get some staple goods however returned with a lady of the hour.

Guddu is a 26-year-elderly person from India who went to get some staple goods according to his mom’s desire yet when he came back with a lady, his mom was stunned as well as crushed. He dismissed the lady of the hour right away and furthermore went to the neighborhood police to whine about Guddu.

The man had just married Savita, the lady of the hour two months back in an Arya Samajh Temple. Also, he was just acquainting his significant other with his relatives a little while ago. “We were unable to get the marriage endorsement around then because of the absence of witnesses. I had chosen to visit Haridwar again for my marriage authentication however couldn’t do as such as the lockdown was forced,” he said.

His mournful mother was cited saying by the main media channel from the nation, “I had sent my child to do the shopping for food today, however when he returned, he returned with his better half. I am not prepared to acknowledge this marriage.”

At the point when the entire issue was left hand, the Police needed to mediate and they requested that the proprietor acknowledge the couple as they had not done anything incorrectly on the grounds that as grown-ups they reserve the option to wed whoever they need. Furthermore, the rest can be sifted through later once the lockdown is lifted. The Prime Minister of India has broadened the lockdown till third May and in this manner, the residents are remaining in their home while self-segregating themselves.

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