Elon Musk is only a week past from launching two NASA astronauts into space and the CEO of SpaceX is already on his way to the moon and Mars mission. As per the reports, this what Elon Musk’s top priority at SpaceX. The CEO has issued an official email to all the employees working at the organization stating that they all should be focusing on the mars and moon mission because he wants to develop a next-generation spacecraft Starship to help humankind reach outer space and mars.

According to Elon Musk, the spacecraft that is designed especially for this that was unveiled in September last year is designed for making the astronauts reach the moon, mars, and anywhere else in the solar system. Musk has always been so curious about the civilization on Mars and has made various promises and set aims for himself in order to achieve those.

Elon Musk Has Made His Moon and Mars Mission His Top Priority At SpaceX

In the year 2016, Elon Musk announced that he is dedicated to building a colony on Mars and also predicted that in 2025 they will be able to take the first batch of people on Mars through the rocket. Later on, he has always claimed and tweeted about his belief that we will be able to create a self-sustaining life on Mars till the year 2050.

However, everybody including the technology experts have always considered her plans to be too ambitious to be possible with our current situation. In 2018, NASA, after doing research has concluded that his plans are not possible considering the kind of technology we have today. Meaning it can only be possible or has a slight chance of being successful only after we develop new and advanced technology.


We are yet to see if Elon Musk will be able to make his moon and Mars mission successful but he is definitely trying as he has made it his first priority at SpaceX.

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